India’s National Single Window System for Business Approvals

The National Single Window System (NSWS) is a digital platform that serves as a guide for investors to identify and to apply for approvals as per their business requirements. Currently the platform supports approvals across 32 Central Departments and 14 State governments.

The platform is built to serve as an advisory tool to identify approvals based on user input and is to be used for guidance purpose only. We are working to onboard more approvals and update relevant information on a periodic basis.

We look forward to your feedback for improving user experience and to achieve the goal of making this platform a true, genuine National Single Window System. 

  • Intelligent KYA System

    Know Your Approval (KYA) is a user-friendly tool to help you identify central and state government approvals required. This service uses an intelligent questionnaire to capture information about your proposed business activities and identifies an indicative list of relevant approvals that may be required to set up your business in India. It may be noted that the list of approvals indicated by this module is based on user input and shall be used for guidance purpose only.

  • Unified Information Capturing System

    NSWS provides a single, unified interface to apply for various approvals available on the platform and aims to reduce duplication of effort involved in providing the same information to different authorities

  • Dashboard

    The applicant dashboard makes tracking and monitoring of approvals easy by providing a single consolidated view. The dashboard will enable users to check real-time status for the applied approvals.

  • Secure Document Repository

    NSWS provides secure online storage for your documents that can be attached to multiple applications to States and Central Ministries. This is accessible through your dashboard and certificates issued by respective authorities are automatically stored for ease of access.

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